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Madoka Kaname

[  ] You like the color Pink
[] You feel that there is nothing special about you
[  ] You often wear your hair in short pigtails
[  ] Your birthday is in October
[x] You're a kind person
[x] You can be a bit na´ve
[x] Your family and friends are very important to you 
[x] You want to be helpful to others
Total: 4

Sayaka Miki

[ x ] You are very outgoing and energetic
[x] You are a tomboy
[  ] There is someone who you wish will be healed from their injury
[  ] You have shoulder-length hair
[x] You like the color blue (Only abit)
[  ] You tend to be very stubborn
[x] You're willing to sacrifice yourself for the person you like 
[  ] You like classical music
Total: 3

Tomoe Mami

[  ] You act like a big sister/brother to others
[x] You often feel lonely
[  ] You are in the ninth grade
[} You have curly hair
[] You experienced something terrible in the past
[  ] Your parents are dead
[] You like elegance
[] You like the color yellow
Total: 1

Homura Akemi

{] You often act cold
[] You have long hair
[] There is someone you want to protect from any kind of danger
[x] You were once a shy and clumsy person (I still am that, but I'm working on it)
[ x ] You were the "new student" at some point in your life (Only once but I made 1 friend. She got taken away)
[] You have a calm personality
[] You once had to stay in a hospital because of a health problem
[x] You like the color purple
Total: 4

Kyouko Sakura

[x] You love to eat 
[  ] You only care about yourself 
[ x ] You are strong
[  ] You make enemies fast
[] You have some sort of a religious background
[x] If your friend is in danger, you're willing to sacrifice yourself to save them
[x] You like the color Red
[  ] You are often called "Bad ass"
Total: 4

I guess that I'm kyouko! :iconkyoukosakuraplz:
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August 23, 2013


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